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No experience is comparable to playing golf in the place of its inception. Immersing yourself in a golf tour in Scotland is a truly unique and unmissable opportunity for golfing enthusiasts all over the world. Scotland’s story is steeped in decades of passion for the sport and has inspired millions to take up their clubs and travel afar to put them to use. At Ayrshire Golf Tours we harness our pride for our country, and our years of expertise in the golf tour industry to share the best Scotland has to offer. Ayrshire boasts a wealth of incredible spots for you to enjoy the temperamental, but cracking weather that our golfers love to play in.

So, if you’re thinking that golf tours in Scotland sound like the perfect getaway for you and your friends in the near future, Ayrshire Golf Tours are pros in the field. Our golf tours showcase the prime locations to golf along the seaside towns of Scotland and beyond, and are carefully customised to you and your groups’ desires. Don’t miss out on your chance to play golf in an authentic, historic setting that those in the global golfing community love and return to regularly.

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Often referred to as ‘The historic home of golf’, Scotland has a long and storied history with the sport, including a variety of courses, including world class courses such as Turnberry and Gleneagles. It is this history that makes Scotland the perfect place to go for a golf tour. Ayrshire Golf tours are proud to offer a range of packages for golfing tours in Scotland, covering courses across the country.

Our booking process has been streamlined to help you focus on the golf, with options for us to organise accommodation and transport, with tee times at the courses being organised too. Our golf tours also include complimentary whisky tastings, giving you a taste of another key piece of Scottish culture.

Within Ayrshire, there are a number of beautiful courses to be found, including Championship venues such as the Royal Troon Golf course and Links courses such as Belleisle golf course, giving touring golfers plenty of options for scenic and historic courses. Many of Ayrshires golf courses also offer a scenic coastal view. Our packages include a variety of accommodation choices giving you options that fit into a number of price ranges, from guest houses to luxury golfing resorts such as Trump Turnberry.

One of the main draws to Ayrshire for golfing tours is that there are courses to be found that cater to all levels of golfer, from scenic yet straightforward beginner-friendly courses to more complex and technical courses for more advanced golfers. At Ayrshire Golf Tours we offer tour packages with a number of options regarding accommodation, courses, and trip duration, allowing you to tailor your tour to be perfect for you.

Ayrshire is also a perfect tourist destination outside of golfing, with many fantastic restaurants to be found throughout, a stunning coastline and convenient transport links to nearby cities including Glasgow and Edinburgh. Ayrshire is also home to many historically significant locations such as the birthplace of world-famous Scottish poet Robert Burns. With such a wide variety of things to do, both on and off the course, Ayrshire is the perfect place to book a golfing tour, no matter your skill level. Get in touch today for more information or to book a Golf tour in Scotland today!




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